• General FAQs
  • What is Vandex used for?

    What is Vandex used for? Vandex offers a wide range of cementitious products for waterproofing, concrete repair and concrete protection. Typical applications are:

    • Below ground waterproofing of concrete and brickwork
    • Waterproofing on the negative water pressure side
    • lining of drinking water reservoirs
    • protection of sewage treatment facilities
    • protection of agricultural structures

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  • What are the main components of Vandex products?

    Most Vandex products are based on high quality portland cement and fine graded sand. Chemical additives give special properties like waterproofing, excellent workability etc. All products are subjected to a continuous control of quality.

  • Does Vandex affect the properties of the substrate concrete?

    Vandex applications form a firm mechanical bond with the substrate concrete and react chemically with the concrete. The physical and chemical interaction does not affect the concrete negatively. On the contrary: a Vandex treatment prevents water ingress, reduces vapour transmission and enhances the mechanical and chemical resistance of the substrate concrete.

  • Why is curing important for the good outcome of an application?

    Cementitious products require curing to fully develop their properties. The water has to react with the cement and may not evapourate too fast. This will leave pores and may cause cracking of the coating. In general Vandex coatings should be kept damp for 5 days. For product specific details please refer to the application guidelines.

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